Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tan After My Own Heart

Remember a few weeks ago-- when you were all complaining about the July gloom? (Don't pretend like it wasn't your Facebook status at least once.) Well- be careful what you wish for kids because summer is officially here and my pasty legs clearly didn't get the memo.
Sure you can sit by the pool or haul ass to the beach, but a true 818er knows that a.) when the valley heat really kicks in, laying out isn't all that fun and b.) the beach can suck it.

Eleven months out of the year I'm Casper The Unfriendly Ghost, but something about August makes me crave that bronzy goddess hue. Due to my insane vanity and the ever present fear of aging I will never fake n bake (that is an absolute no-no) and I also refuse to walk around looking like Snookie's long lost sister, so I'm very careful when it comes to self tanning. I've tried every at home method from tan towelettes to stinky moisturizers that promise J Lo legs in 24 hours. (More like Oompa Loompa legs and two toned heels.)

Finally I have found the answer to my tanning woes. Spray tanning at its best in a Don't Hate The 818 approved hideaway.

Spray Di Sole Organic Sunless Spray Tan is natural, chemical free and completely odorless. No store front, no cheesy George Hamilton lookalike at the front desk, no pressure to buy expensive extender lotions. Just an effortless spray tan that leaves you looking like you just spent the weekend in Palm Springs. All in about 30 minutes. The tan lasts about 7-10 days and when you are done with it, simply exfoliate it off.

The Spray Di Sole team also make house calls so keep them in mind for a big event or a fun girls night!

Spray Di Sole
12240 Ventura Blvd. Suite 102
Studio City, CA 91604

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Feet

You know that part of a pedicure when you see the green tea scented lotion coming your way, so you put your Vogue down, give your friend the "stop talking to me look," close your eyes, and brace yourself for a banging foot massage? I love that part. I get my toes painted for that part. But most of the time, it lasts about 30 seconds per foot and always leaves me unsatisfied.

Well now you can enjoy that delightful experience for a full 30 minutes or more at a ridiculously fair price without the acetone contact high. (Although I often don't mind that part.)

Foot Inspiration in Sherman Oaks is truly an oasis in the middle of a Subway strip mall. Upon arrival, you will find a dimly lit room filled with eight reclining chairs, soothing spa music, and an aromatic scent that to my excitement was far from foot like.
The facility is immaculately clean, and each foot basin has a sanitary lining to protect you from any nasties that try to sneak in. As your feet soak in a warm wood tub, your neck, shoulders and arms are rubbed into sheer bliss. Then your feet are taken out of the tub and massaged with lotion ending with a hot towel wrap. Every therapist is certified in reflexology so you can be rest assured that you will always have a good experience.

Don't have a foot fetish? Foot Inspiration also offers full body massage and every treatment is done fully clothed (sorry lads, no happy endings here;) so it makes your stop on the relaxation train that much easier.

Wanna hear the best best BEST part??? 30 minutes is only $17 and one full hour is only $27. Money well spent if you ask me!

Foot Inspiration
14322 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 461-9241
Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm
*Appointments Recommended*